Ceilidh Band

South Wales Ceilidh Band

Sir Thomas Beecham once said "Try anything once but incest and folk-dancing" but we beg to differ, at least about the dancing part!

Forget Morris dancing, ask anyone who has been to a proper céilidh and they will tell you that this is a Celtic tradition that MUST be tried! Dancing to live traditional music is a great night for anyone aged 9 to 90 and makes for an unforgettable evening of fun. With a caller shouting out the steps, it's easy for everyone to join in.

The Hairpin Bend have chosen a unusual selection of traditional jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas and slip jigs from all around the UK for you to dance to.

For a truly great céilidh you need a truly great caller to call out the dance steps so we have teamed up with legendary South Wales caller and folk musican, Mic Spencely (What Mic doesn't know about traditional dancing, music and the folk scene in Wales isn't worth knowing!) to offer fantastic céilidhs across South Wales and beyond. 

What do I need?

All you need for a fantastic céilidh is:
  • a flat space to dance (a village hall is perfect but outdoors can work too!), 
  • an area for the band to play in and
  • enough people to throw off their shoes and go for it!
How much does it cost?

Starting from £500 get in touch with us to book a céilidh that will transform your wedding, civil ceremony, family party, fundraiser or corporate celebration into a night that will be talked about for many years to come.

Hear from our satisfied customers:

"You guys were amazing and a great addition to my wedding in August. The music was great and everyone enjoyed the dancing. It is just what I wanted. Thank you ever so much hope I get to see you guys again some day." 
Barnaby & Erica - South Wales Wedding céilidh - August 2013

"We absolutely loved having the Hairpin Bend perform the céilidh for our wedding, they created a brilliant atmosphere and everybody was up on the floor all night. My only regret is that there are no photos as there was no-one not dancing to take them!" 
Hannah & Tom - Wedding céilidh - August 2014

"We have just had the most fantastic night ever! Why? We hired the Hairpin Bend, after contacting them 2 months ago, liaising with them up until last Saturday when they performed. They were incredibly professional, polite and helpful. The standard of playing and singing is second to none! We had a caller called Mic and he was just amazing, funny and very patient! This band is special. I listened online to other bands but the Hairpin Bend were the best as far as I was concerned. We had 120+ of all ages jigging and having the utmost fun. A truly memorable evening that will stay with us for a very long time. Thanks to each and every member of The Hairpin Bend! Thank you guys you are very talented musicians."
Della - Private céilidh in Roose, South Wales - Nov 2014